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New energy efficient homes project
in Port Charlotte, Florida


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Hurricane & Fire-Resistant

Protect your family from hurricanes and fire with HYBRID CONSTRUCTION. 

Structures in 100% American steel, which is much more profitable, non-flammable, and has excellent properties such as great durability, sustainability and performance.

Energy Efficient home

Save money efficiently by taking advantage of the thermal properties of  steel frame plus lightweight concrete.

Obtain maximum comfort naturally, reducing energy use and carbon emissions, prioritizing the environment through the use of renewable energy.

Ecologic & termite proof

Protect the forests and ecosystems of many wild species, with structures 99% WOOD-FREE that use the steel from 6 scrapped cars, instead of the wood from 50 felled trees.

Take care of the environment and animal life with security. It’s what we call, purpose-built construction. 

two Projects, one Masterpiece

This is a mixed residential project featuring 20 multi-family condos, 12 town homes, and a state-of-the-art community clubhouse.

Two independent architects, two visions with different artistic expressions, come together in complete harmony, in an authentic and masterful project that will forever change your lifestyle and the way you live the experience of being at home.

We have changed
the way
you watch baseball!

In the heart of Charlotte County, along the incredibly beautiful Charlotte Sports Park, stands a new energy efficient homes project, where you can delight yourself, combining your passion for sports with the most luxury and comfort.

With a unique and dazzling appearance and a direct and privileged view of the pleasant and modern training ground of the Tampa Bay Rays, we hope to inspire you, and take you on a journey of intense emotions, in which you can experience a new and better lifestyle.

Exclusively Located

Thanks to our formidable green building technique and breathtaking panoramic views of the Charlotte Sports Park,  Home Base Living offers you something that no other Port Charlotte home plan could offer.

Energy efficient condos port charlotte
Home Base Living Town Homes


In efficient homes, High Impact Windows are a sustainable option that helps lower your energy bills.

Keep your home more comfortable without paying high costs and keep your home safe during a hurricane or severe storm.

Be part of this exciting ecological project and finally live the best experience of an efficient and sustainable life.

Don’t know the benefits of steel framing plus lightweight concrete?

Your VIP Seat

Multifamily development – 32 Units




town homes

Luxury, modernity, high comfort, and an incredible and relaxing view of the amazing sunsets are the perfect combination to take your lifestyle to the next level.

Your well-being is  important, that’s why you will have a wellness center at your  disposal. A space dedicated to the ones who want to take care of their bodies and delight with natural and fresh space outdoors.

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